Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bartertown (Trading Post XVI: Mesh & Lace)

The Heather Hart Experience and DUMBO Arts Festival 2014 present:
Barter Town (Trading Post XVI: Mesh & Lace)

Pay attention to the descriptions to see what to bring with you!

Dumbo Arts Festival is “… a feast for the senses that attracts 200,000 visitors over 3 days with the participation of over 500 artists from a variety of disciplines, 100 studios, 50 galleries and stages and 100 programming partners.”  
Whether you want face painting, performance, a film, sporting competition, a raffle, some art, costume making, massage therapy, palm reading, lessons, clothing, a nail salon, vouchers for services, promises, people’s court or anything else, Barter Town is the place to find it and swap for what you have to give! The Heather Hart Experience presents Barter Town (Trading Post XVI: Mesh & Lace), the newest cycle to Hart’s Trading Post will be located at Water Street between Washington and Main Street. Dress up post-apocalyptic!! Bring your goods, ideas, valuables and creativity and go home with something more!!

Barter Town will have the appearance of a street fair or block party, but remember, all “booths” would run on bartering only- no currency allowed (no I-owe-yous for money, although drawing an I-owe-you for a service is great).

This years' Barter Town will encompass 2 days, September 27th and 28th!  

Event page:

This Barter Town includes:

Wesley's Magic by Wesley Negron

 up close and personal street magic!

This is Geltown by Nigel "Docta Gel" Dunkley
Comedian and ventriloquist!

Chalkboard Collective by Melissa Sarris 
Create your own chalkboard art!

Please Enable Cookies by Risa Puno
Cookies for personal info! Just like Facebook!

Foreign Postcards with Jamila Mohamed Hooker
Postcard exchange- your name written in Arabic!

Access and get your third eye painted on! 

Pin a Color by Pai Yu Hsuan 
Let the artist know what color you think your space is!

Text Exchange by Kameelah Janan Rasheed 
Your books or writing for hers!

Nails By Desreen
Your nails need a makeover!

SWAP/UNHAUL clothing swap with Cat Tyc and stop and pause productions!
Bring your clothes!

Mixtapes! with DJ Tygapaw 
Mixtapes by a real NY DJ!

Handmade Soaps by Carol and Jonas Pereira 
Trade for holistic handmade soap!

I'm Judging You by YanaHandbags

Will what you bring be worth a high-end handbag, a tote or a note? 

Dawn Campbell Makeup 
Come get a makeover for a post-apocalyptic universe or just a night out!

Future Present: Palm Reading for a Dream by Firelei Baez 
Learn what's in store for your future!

Photobooth by Larry McAllister 
Make a memory to keep of Barter Town 2014 by professional photographer!

Hair by Topher
Become a new you with a new high-end salon style haircut!

Barbering by Brooke Lynn (who is from Oakland!)
Stop by if you need a shapeup.

Abstract Sketches by Atikur R Abdul 
Get an abstract sketch of yourself! 

Lend-A-Hand by Daniel Anthony Vazquez 
In need of a helping hand? Get an IOU for services! 

Knife Collection Drive by Aisha Cousins 
Bring in old silverware and get a cookbook in return! No knives or forks on hand? No worries, knife-free recipes are also welcome as payment.

EL MUÑEQUERO Hairstyling and Makeup by Carolina Restrepo
Leave Barter Town looking like a star!

Personalized Postcards by Connie Perry
Greetings from Bartertown, Wish you were here!

Autumn Psychic Tarot Readings with Geena Thompson
There are many ways to learn about yourself- get your cards read!

DIY Onesies with Maya Valladares!
In exchange for advice, learn how to make a baby onsie out of old shirts!

Pam's Pleasure Shop by Pamela Council
Come trade for things that make you're heart go all fuzzy around the edges.

Nightlight Astrology by Paul Sireci
Get your chart done!


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