Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dear Lovely People;

My Barter Town project is back yet again by popular demand, this time as part of Of Gentle Birth, an exhibition curated by Jonathan Allen and generously hosted by Repair the World on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you would be interested in participating in my project by running a “vendor booth”. Don’t miss out on the fun and please spread the word of this open call!!
To encourage art to take an active role in shifting value, to create a critical space to examine what we deem as needs, I’ve presented Trading Post, a series of exchanges.  At the Barter Town Trading Posts participants bring their ideas, services, songs, stories, unwanted goods, handmade art, appliances, anything they think may hold value and haggle for something that they want.  The only rule is that no currency may be exchanged, i.e. everything is for barter. Here are some photos from Barter Town (Trading Post VII: Between the Bridges) in 2011, and from Barter Town (Trading Post XI:The Magic Feathers) in 2013,
Whether you want to provide a booth for face painting, performance, a film, sporting competition, a raffle, some art, costume making, massage therapy, palm reading, lessons, clothing, a nail salon, vouchers for services, promises, people’s court, or anything else, I welcome your ideas and proposals. The Heather Hart Experience presents, Barter Town (Trading Post XVIII: Repair), is the newest cycle to my Trading Posts.
Barter Town (Trading Post XVIII: Repair) will take place on December 12th from 3pm to 5pm as part of Of Gentle Birth, an art exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artists. Crown Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Lefferts Gardens are three neighborhoods increasingly populated by newcomers; this change is part of a larger wave of gentrification transforming Brooklyn. In response to this, artists from these neighborhoods were asked to produce and share works that engage with these places and themes. Participating artists, and organizers are hoping that these artworks, as well as a series of artist talks and readings presented as part of Of Gentle Birth will be a platform for investigative and honest conversation.

As usual, feel free to think about costuming and themes for your booth based on the concept of the show. :) This Barter Town will be primarily indoors, but we may arrange to use the sidewalk as well. There are limited spots, so please be clever and turn your proposal in soon. I will provide a modest honorarium for you to defer costs of transportation. The timing for this event puts us right before the holiday season, I imagine visitors will be trading for gifts, so think about using this as a platform to show them what you do/make and want for your neighborhood! Tables and chairs will be provided for your booth if you wish, but I encourage creativity and variety if you want to bring your own structure.

Barter Town will have the appearance of a street fair or block party, but remember, all “booths” would run on bartering only- no currency allowed (no I-owe-yous for money, although drawing an I-owe-you for service is encouraged). I hope you will consider creating a booth.  Below is the proposal info that I need to have you complete and return to me by October 31st, 2015 so I can map a layout and create press with your name. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions and please forward this open call
Heather Hart 

Barter Town (Trading Post XVIII: Repair) is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

PROPOSAL FOR Barter Town (Trading Post XVIII: Repair)

Name :

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Affiliated organization:

Organization/Artist website:

“Booth” name:

Short Description:

Equipment needed:
(we can provide tables and chairs (indicate if you need one and how many chairs), but anything more will need to be negotiated or arranged between you and Heather. We will have some access to electricity but will not likely be allowed too much amplified sound- please ask me first.  Please include info about equipment/setup/space requirements that you will need.  We will provide as much as I can, but you may need to bring some stuff of your own). 

You will be notified of acceptance by November 6, 2015.