Friday, November 27, 2015

The Heather Hart Experience presents, Barter Town (Trading Post XVIII: Repair), a part of Of Gentle Birth, an exhibition curated by Jonathan Allen and generously hosted by Repair the World. Saturday, December 12th from 3pm to 5pm. Everyone is welcomed to this free bartering event!

Whether you want face painting, performance, a film, sporting competition, a raffle, some art, costume making, massage therapy, palm reading, lessons, clothing, a nail salon, vouchers for services, promises, people’s court or anything else, Barter Town is the place to find it and swap for what you have to give! "i have nothing to trade!" oh, ya? no art? poetry? do you know another language? can you teach someone to tie a tie? can you clean a house? can you be a personal trainer? can you make paper airplanes? can you sing custom songs? can you teach a dance move? can you cook a dinner? can you play an instrument? can you give a hug? well then. Dress up "repaired"... claim your space!! Bring your goods, ideas, valuables and creativity and go home with something more!!

Barter Town will have the appearance of an indoor swap meet or carnival, but remember, all “booths” run on bartering only- no currency allowed (no I-owe-yous for money, although drawing an I-owe-you for a service is great) and no cash tips!

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This Barter Town includes:

Tell Me Lies by emily north

Wesley's Magic by Wesley Negron

emotional exchange with Melissa Sarris

Postcard Project by Connie Perry

A Shoeshine for a Song by Alexa Hoyer

A Second Life and Leaf of Life by Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow

The Stop Motion Stomp Station by Kristina Centore

The Eye Factory by Jackie Du

Quirky Things, Quirky Sings by Carol Cabrera

Bedstuy Dreams in Color by Zoey Hart, Hanna Wellish and Yasmeen Abdallah
Messin' Up & Fessin' Up by Rev. Eric C.

Closer to the Viewer by Icelandic artist, Katrin Inga JonsdottirHjordisardottir

No Home Gallery with Victoria Manganiello

Carol and Jonas Handmade Soap by Carol and Jonas Pereira-Olson

Brooke Lynne the barber

galleryELL with John Ros, founder

Gen * Co. Provisions "Born, breed and made in Brooklyn" by Andrew J Rosenthal