Monday, November 10, 2014

**Pay attention to the descriptions to see what to bring with you**

The Heather Hart Experience (with help from the Union for Contemporary Art and Bemis Center for Contemporary Art) presents, The Heather Hart Experience presents Barter Town (Trading Post XIII: The People's Economy), in Omaha! Everyone is welcomed to this free bartering event!

Whether you want face painting, performance, a film, sporting competition, a raffle, some art, costume making, massage therapy, palm reading, lessons, clothing, a nail salon, vouchers for services, promises, people’s court or anything else, Barter Town is the place to find it and swap for what you have to give! "i have nothing to trade!" oh, ya? no art? poetry? do you know another language? can you teach someone to tie a tie? can you clean a house? can you be a personal trainer? can you make paper airplanes? can you sing custom songs? can you teach a dance move? can you cook a dinner? can you play an instrument? can you give a hug? well then. Dress up post-apocalyptic... claim your space!! Bring your goods, ideas, valuables and creativity and go home with something more!!

Barter Town will have the appearance of an indoor swap meet or carnival, but remember, all “booths” run on bartering only- no currency allowed (no I-owe-yous for money, although drawing an I-owe-you for a service is great)and no cash tips!

Event page:

This Barter Town includes:

Not your traditional "kissing booth!" Be in this artist's recreation of the film, Titanic!

Sweet Coping by Kaitlan McDermott of KM Baking Consultants
Yummy baked goods named for terms of psychological circumstances! What do you need?? All items packaged and delivered in accordance with each corresponding issue.

Hear a real storyteller speak about Omaha’s first African-American Architect! Clarence ‘Cap’ Wigington’s work still exists throughout North and South Omaha. One project he designed in 1909 was a ‘Good Housekeeping’ Magazine 1st Place contest winner. Wigington, trained by Omaha Architect Thomas Kimball (St. Cecilia’s Cathedral) went on to become the City Architect for St. Paul, MN. She gives historic tours of his work with the local organization Restoration Exchange Omaha.

Perhaps your Monday deserves brightening, or maybe you've just a achieved a professional goal. There's always a good reason to party like it's your birthday - GO Shawty! Kenya's Personal Parades are the perfect way to celebrate, and "you can do it all by yourself!" Made from handcrafted confetti, PVC piping and balloons, it's our pleasure to present customized blends for celebratory satisfaction. Brass band soundtracks are available upon request. And remember: GO YOU!

fire cider (a health tonic made of peppers, ginger, onions, bee pollen and honey steeped in apple cider vinegar), rustic wooden native pollinator houses, and bee pollen in unique containers.

Angelic Touch Reiki by Richard Yingling
Two Reiki masters, providing a reiki energy session, tarot card reading, crystal harmonizing, cleansing, programing services, customized crystal and stone necklaces and pins.

Singing voicemail telegrams and other aural experiences.... Gong on!

Phabbies(R) Handmade Books by Dan Crane
As a response to the usual disappointment of setting for a mass produced Moleskine or Barnes & Noble brand "blank paged journals" or sketchbooks, I started a new body of book-making! I'm talking: one of a kind creative-process-evolution-substance and whimsically delivered tispy-doodles! 

Handmade clay pendants in fun, "geeky" shapes, floral hair accessories, paintings, and a variety of other arts and crafts. 

Abstract canvases and old home decor made to look better then new! 

See-scrawl by Adrienne Lee Smart and Gregory Scott Cook (@fullsized, @egscoe)
They will create portraits live and on-site for interested parties using blind-contour and collage! 

Decorate paintings while telling him a story of unexplained encounters! In exchange you'll take home a Polaroid picture of yourself with the painting!

Chat with a creative technologist who collaborates with artists to build high-tech work that brings together art, design, engineering and science! Play with awesome art and learn about anything from 3D printing to wearable electronics, metal casting, how circuit boards are made and more. Ask him about his active projects to hear stories about wild art + technology projects going on around Omaha!
Homemade bread and a hand drawn "tarot" (really just powerful cards) based on the idea that we create our own destinies. Each person will leave with a personal power card that they design and she draws. 

For my proposal to Barter Town I will run a drawing booth where I will draw whatever the barterer requests for whatever they want to trade. I will supply my own paper, cardstock, and drawing instruments.

iBrow by Laura Carlson
Join the newest makeup trend and have your eyebrows colorized (temporarily, of course, she wants you to be able to choose a new color tomorrow!) Purple, pink, blue green!! 

Gen Proofreads by Genevieve N. Williams!
She will offer both on-site proofreading/copy-editing/writing help, as well as vouchers for free proofreading/copy-editing/copywriting services to redeem at any time before December 31, 2015.

Loo by Tyler Swain
What can you do with a toilet roll?  For the last year this artist has been developing a series of faces and figures sculptures from discarded TP rolls!  Bring your old TP rolls for him to create something beautiful for you!

Menderly Love by Paige Reitz
A mending station! Bring those clothes that need a button or have a moth hole and be ready for the winter! She will also offer felted heart appliques and trade lessons in mending!

Vessel Vending by TJ Edwards
Use this unique vending machine that dispenses miniature handmade ceramic vessels! 

The Sweet Spot by Angela Drakeford

This booth will be devoted to trading slices of homemade pies along with recipes and baking tips for people's holiday baking needs!

The young artists of KBMP bring some small works to barter. This might take any number of forms such as live poetry recital or portraiture!


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